First vn I ever made.  All made by me. Hope you like it :)

*This just a short prologue*

*sorry for BGM glitch in the browser version, just lower the music. Or just download it for stable music


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Development log


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the art is so cute! I love the character designs and the aesthestic is just very bright and warm, albeit a little short. 

 one thing is that maybe she can act more suprised? she seems very sure of what to do and we really don't get any context, maybe a short cutscene would work for backstory? 

overall I like the characters and look forward to future developments!


thank you very much! I know it's short next time if I make chapter 1 I'll make it longer.

I'll try to improve on these things in the future.

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This is quite pretty! :) Constructive criticism: keep an eye on the tenses (they can be pretty difficult lol). Maybe try a bit more subtlety, and space things out a bit. Someone who just got back their memories might be in shock, or may even feel excited, etc so adding/showing more of their emotions would be good~


thank you! of course there's a some of mistakes that need to be corrected. This was very quickly done, I will do it in the future.

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Hi guys, comment here what you think of the game, anything is welcome! :D